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Annual Maintenance Contract (Kashmir eServices)

Annual Maintenance Contract

What is AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)?
Annual Maintenance Contract generally referred to as AMC, is the service provided by the industry expert for repair and maintenance of the Physical IT Assets ( Hardware like Desktop, Laptop, Printer, CCTV, etc.) as well as Intangible IT Assets (like software, ERPs, Networking, Cloud Storage, Website Maintenance, etc.) under service and maintenance agreement.
There are various types of AMC services based on the nature of Risk, Requirements, and Condition of Equipment.

Types of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC Contract)
Basically, there are 4 types of AMC Contract Services as below

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Risk-Based Maintenance
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  1. Preventive Maintenance:
    Preventive Maintenance is the most important maintenance as they occur at scheduled intervals for hassle-free operations of IT equipment and software. Also called Preventative Maintenance (PM), reduces the risk of failure and enhances the performance and life span of the equipment. In addition, Preventive Maintenance is pre-planned, hence, it doesn’t affect the regular work or causes discontinuation of services as same can be planned during holidays or after office hours.
  1. Corrective Maintenance:
    This type of maintenance is also referred to as “On-Call” maintenance. They generally occur once the damage is already done. This means the damage in terms of hardware and network failure or website crash in terms of software. This needs immediate attention & a solution.
  1. Risk-Based Maintenance:
    This type of Annual Maintenance Contract for IT Services is one step ahead of Preventive Maintenance, it involves periodic testing and analysis to determine the problem and unbales IT, engineers, to design specific maintenance programs.
  1. Condition Based Maintenance
    This depends on the condition or age of equipment, for example, the desktop is working slowly which may need RAM to be replaced or the software needs an update, this is called Condition Based Maintenance.

Comprehensive V/s Non – Comprehensive Maintenance Services
Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC)
Comprehensive Maintenance Contract is widely used, preferred, and advised for corporates across the globe. CMC is a complete solution to the Maintenance of equipment and software maintenance. The Comprehensive Services includes the replacement of spare parts as and when required, labor, engineering, and complete solution at no additional cost. This helps a corporate to determine and fix their maintenance budget at the beginning of the year itself and nullifies the uncertainty of maintenance cost during the year. Due to its corporate-friendly module, the Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (ACMC) is also referred to as AMC Corporate.

Non-Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (N – CMC)
Non – Comprehensive Maintenance Contract is a Standard Maintenance Contract with only service and labour related service. Contract Maintenance Companies don’t include the cost of repair or part replacement under Service and Maintenance Agreement for this type of AMC. The part replacement will be an additional cost at the actual price of that spare part, which will be above and over the AMC price.

Services We Provide

  • Hardware
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Network Solution
  • Software Solution

This AMC Company in Srinagar provides complete preventive and comprehensive maintenance to hardware; such as AMC for the computer maintenance, Laptop, CCTV Camera System, Computer Peripherals, Access Control System & Printers.

Cloud Storage Solutions
Complete Solution to Cloud Storage and AMC Online in Srinagar. Cloud Storage is the most vital and important part of today’s digital world. We are specialized in this service. Most of the companies nowadays use Cloud Based ERP system to avoid server cost and maintenance. Cloud Storage is also used by companies to store important financial documents as well as strategy-related confidential documents.

Network Solution
Our networking engineers are on their toes to help you on networking issues. The network plays a significant role in a company’s performance and operations. We solve issues related to networking in lowest TAT (Turn Around Time). TAT plays an important role in the problem-solving approach.

Hence it is most important to be assured that your Clouds are safe in expert hands.

Software Solution
All the software-related queries are resolved immediately as we also provide the AMC Online in Srinagar. We can solve software-related programs through a remote desktop within no time. We as an AMC Website in Srinagar, maintaining the websites of clients. There are most important online operations like taking feedback from customers, online ordering, quick display of catalog depends on the performance of the website.

Maintaining the IT infrastructure, with dedicated off-shore/on-site engineers, forms a large part of the myriad services that Kashmir eServices offers. When curating such a contract, there are multiple parameters that we take into account.

  • IT asset to be managed
  • Number of On-site visits
  • Response time to resolve problems
  • Remote support availability
  • Additional instances of support to fix the breakdown
  • Comprehensive or non-comprehensive maintenance contract for IT asset
  • Kashmir eServices takes great pride in offering specially curated annual maintenance contracts, catered to individual client requirements but assuring the same successful empowerment of business growth.

As is our reputations – we continue and will continue to be vendor-neutral, suggesting only that which suits your business. High-quality Annual IT Support Contract by Kashmir eServices helps to reduce IT costs by 50% and minimize business downtime caused by IT Issues.

  • Remote Support by Email & Telephone
  • Remote Support of Computers
  • Remote Support of Server infrastructure
  • Remote Support of PBX, CCTV
  • Remote 24×7
  • Remote Consulting and Training
  • On-site Engineer Visits
  • IT Emergency visit
  • Monthly / Weekly Regular Maintenance Visits to Check Health of PC, Servers & Network Infrastructure
  • IT Systems Support
  • Desktops support
  • Health management
  • Emails management
  • Peripheral Devices support
  • Router & Switches management
  • VPN & Firewall administration
  • Mobile Devices management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Phone System (PBX)
  • CCTV & Biometric
  • Server Backup & Restore
  • and others

Additional Services

  • Regular IT infrastructure audit
  • 24/7 Server and Network monitoring (capacity and performance)
  • DR & Continuity planning
  • IT Products Procurement and Supply
  • Dedicated On-site Engineer
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • IT Outsourcing

Kashmir eServices offers different tailored IT AMC support packages based on the level of IT Support and Services your business requirements